Disaster Scenerios

1. You’re

driving on the interstate highway to see your family who lives out of state. It’s night time and all of sudden, you

pop a tire. You pull over safely, but you don’t have AAA or a flashlight. Your cell phone says “out of service” and now

your kids are awake and wondering what’s going on. You haven’t seen a car with occupants that you’d trust and now you have

decisions to make: Changing the tire at night, keeping your family calm and safe, plus being aware of your surroundings and

options. What are the contents of the vehicle? What’s the physical state of you and your family?

2. You’re at

the movies eating popcorn and having a great time. All of a sudden the lights go out and you’re sitting in a dark movie

theater. People are starting to become upset and you don’t know if you can make it to the exit without pushing past people

who are clearly angry. Now you smell smoke and know that there might be a fire. Do you know where the exit is? What are your

instincts telling you?

3. You just

dropped your kids off at school. You’re at work, on the phone and the line goes dead. The office starts shaking and things

are falling all over the place. You lose your footing and slip. You’re OK, but now you look around and notice that one of

your co-workers is injured. Someone else helps the injured worker and then the red light goes off. My kids! You run to your

car only to find that the parking lot is broken up and a large tree has disabled your vehicle. You think you can run to your

kids school in your business clothes. It’s 7 miles away and you’re tired, thirsty and out of shape. Phones are still not

working and you are starting to panic. What’s your plan?


Another long day at

work. You get home, greet the family and start unwinding. As you sit down to enjoy your dinner, you hear a loud knock on

the front door. Someone is screaming for help. They are now banging on your door harder and harder and you don’t know if

someone is hurt or if this could be the beginning of a home invasion. You freeze and don’t know if you should open the door.

The voice outside is still screaming and you want to help. You look through the peephole and see a woman yelling. You

open the door and then three large men rush in with weapons. Could this really happen?

5. You and

your family are on vacation. Life is good and now you decide to take a nice walk through the city to see the sights. Your

kids are tired, but keep walking with you. Your wife is window shopping a few stores ahead and you notice some street thugs

approaching her. They look like they are up to no good and you are not ready for a confrontation in the street.


The mall is having

all sorts of sales, you can’t wait to save tons of money. You’ve been looking forward to this day of shopping. After making

some great deals, you decide to keep shopping. The mall is super crowded, but you don’t mind navigating through

the masses. You are craving a coffee, so you look down into your purse to see how much cash you have left. BOOM! A

terrorist just lit off an improvised pipe bomb and you are shell shocked. Glass from all the stores just shattered and people

are down in the mall screaming. Smoke alarms and sprinklers are going off and now the people have turned into a wild

stampede. There are a number of people who are hurt when another explosion goes off. The terrorist had an accomplice who just

detonated the second device. You are far enough away but how do you get out of the mall? Or do you stay and help the injured


7. Weather

in your area causes a huge power outage. Snowstorms have closed the streets for at least 2-3 days. You knew you should have

gone shopping yesterday because you were low on groceries. Now you have tap water and some very basic food items left in your

pantry and fridge. You and your family cannot walk to the store and carry all the groceries back home. You have to wait

out the storm and ration food and water. You also forgot to pick up your husband’s prescription.

8. You’re a

female jogger out on a run. As you set your pace and get into the song on your ipod, you notice a strange man in the bushes

ahead. As you zig-zag to the right to avoid getting too close to him, he stands up and clearly locks eyes with you. You

notice him reaching into his pockets to grab something. As you start running faster, he’s now jogging behind you. You’ve

recently purchased a key-chain pepper spray, but have never sprayed it before. It’s breezy outside and now the man is

closing in on you. You also have your cell phone with you.

9. Things

are great at your son’s co-ed soccer game. Your team scores and the parents are celebrating. The other players are passing

the ball down the field now, then one of the boy’s kicks the ball really hard and it hits one of the girls right in the nose.

The girl falls down and realizes that her nose is bleeding badly. Both teams gather around the girl and just start

staring. The coach who has never had any first-aid training, runs over to help, but doesn’t know how. One of the team

Mom’s happens to have a set of latex gloves and a first-aid kit in her purse. She runs over and pinches the girls nose to

stop the bleeding, she also tells the terrified parents to call 9-1-1.

10. You’ve

been a season ticket holder for your favorite basketball team. Great news, your team has made it to the NBA basketball

finals! Your team is doing very well and now it’s almost over. Victory is almost yours. As the clock runs out in

the final game, your favorite team wins the title. You’re happy and screaming with all the other fans in the sports

arena. Your team has won! As everybody settles down, you start to make your way out of the arena with your two sons, ages 9

& 12. As you exit the structure, you see that the mob of people on the sidewalk and street are lighting cars on fire and

breaking windows with trash cans, rocks and other weapons.To get to your car, you’ll have to walk right through this madness.

There are now thousands of crazed fans and gang members participating in this mayhem.